Fleet Communications with Total Connectivity Anywhere

Imagine being able to communicate between California and Florida on a two-way radio. Divergent Alliance has partnered with Cinetcomm to offer complete connectivity anywhere through the TotalConnex Hybrid Communication Network. The TotalConnex solution can be deployed to any office or vehicle to provide 100% voice, 2-way radio or broadband data coverage across North America. With TotalConnex, you can also turn any vehicle into a Wi-Fi hotspot by allowing up to 50 devices to access the broadband service. TotalConnex can enhance the capabilities of your existing connectivity system or can operate as a standalone system.

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Two-Way Radio Over A Nation Wide Network

Normal two-way radio systems need a line of sight and are usually limited by a distance of a few miles. TotalConnex radio communications can enhance your existing radio system or act as a standalone total communication system when installed across your fleet. Just plug the TotalConnex box into your existing radio to enhance your talking distance from a few miles to unlimited miles. You will never lose communication or be out of range when the TotalConnex system is installed in your vehicle.

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Mobile WiFi Hub Through The TotalConnex Fleet Communication System

Turn your vehicle into a WiFi Hub that allows up to 50 users with speeds up to 600 mbps through the TotalConnex Fleet Communication System. Divergent Alliance will work with you ever step of the way to make sure your personnel are always able to communicate, regardless of the environment or weather conditions. Install TotalConnex on every vehicle, every other vehicle, or every 5th vehicle to maximize your fleet communications and your cost savings.


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GPS Vehicle Tracking Through the TotalConnex Fleet Communications System

Give your company complete fleet awareness through the TotalConnex fleet communication system. You can track the speed at which a vehicle is travel, replay the route taken, and pinpoint the exact coordinates for emergency situations. Whether you are responding to a hurricane on the east coast, or a natural disaster on the west coast, you will always be connected through the TotalConnex Fleet Communication System.