Troubleshoot Power Outages Faster with FaultSense

All electric utilities struggle when it comes to troubleshooting a fused underground power outage. Average restoration times can be anywhere from 75 minutes to 400 minutes depending on the region and the environment. Our FaultSense system will help you troubleshoot a power outage the moment a first responder arrives to the site. Drive your power outage restoration time down by 50% with the help of FaultSense.

Data is The Future of Power Outages

When you troubleshoot power outages with FaultSense, you also gather data on system conditions that caused the power outage in the first place. Over time, if these conditions are replicated anywhere else on the electric system, you will have the ability to predict a power outage before it occurs. Data gathered through our way of troubleshooting power outages will enhance your reports and show you how much money you can save annually by keeping customer’s meters spinning.

Enhance your culture of safety

When you troubleshoot power outages with the FaultSense system, you area actually creating a culture of safety for field employees. There is a hidden danger when it comes to underground outage troubleshooting, mainly because a responder cannot see the conditions inside a transformer every time a lid comes open. If you limit the number of times a responder needs to open a transformer lid, you have made the job much safer already. By troubleshooting power outages with FaultSense, responders know which transformers to perform work at right off the bat. Employees will be happy with a safer culture, and customers will be happy with faster restoration times. 

Plug and Play Design

When you troubleshoot power outages with FaultSense, there is no complicated programming or installation. Just attach the sensors to primary cable and let us do the rest. Once FaultSense has been installed, you will have access to our cloud troubleshooting portal that can be accessed by operators in the office or responders in the field. 

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