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Electric utility workers and linemen work on many different types of electrical systems and need a range of different tools to get the job done.  It is important for linemen and utility workers to know that the tool sets they are working with include high quality tools that are durable and insulated to protect against electric shock.

At Divergent Alliance, we can supply the utility industry with quality electric utility tools in Chicago IL and beyond.  We offer a wide range of products from the best manufacturers in the industry.  Our team will work with you to supply utility tools and equipment that are suitable for your needs.

Utility Lineman Tools

At Divergent Alliance, we are committed to providing the best utility lineman tools for linemen and electricians so they can do their jobs safely and effectively.  We are suppliers of the top brands in utility tools and we can help you choose the right tools based on your unique needs.

Madi lineman toolsWe provide utility tools from the following manufacturers:

  • Jameson: Jameson provides a wide range of insulated hand tools and tool sets including socket and torque sets and screwdriver sets. Their tools are insulated with Nylon 11 injected molded material which gives their tools strength and durability and insulates them to protect from electric shock.
  • Huskie Tools: Huskie tools provides manual and battery-powered hydraulic cutting and compression tools for utility linemen and professional electrical contractors.
  • Salisbury Utility Tools: Salisbury provides quality utility tools that are insulated with a plastic underlayer covered by a rubber overlayer. Their tools are impact resistant and flame retardant and comply with OSHA and NFPA standards.
  • MADI Lineman Tools: MADI provides lineman tools that include pocket knives and skinning knives, sockets and wrenches, wire brushes, hot stick tools, and striking tools. Their tools are insulated with fiberglass reinforced nylon which is non-conductive and light weight.
  • Greenlee: Greenlee provides a range of wire stripping tools, wire cutters and crimpers, screwdrivers, wrenches, bolt cutters, hex keys, pliers, and more. Their tools are insulated with double layer vinyl that is slip resistant.

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