Utility & Contractor Supply

Divergent Alliance has the materials, tools, and safety gear that utilities and contractors need to maintain and build power infrastructures. With millions of dollars of inventory, attentive customer service, and fast shipping, Divergent Alliance has built a reputation as a company that can be counted on to come through when others could not. We also have developed long-lasting partnerships with manufacturers and competitors to provide single-sourcing procurement and personalized fulfillment solutions. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Construction & Emergency / Storm Restoration

Divergent Alliance’s emergency and storm crews respond faster, safer, and better to keep your community up and running.  We also specialize in utility construction needs, including preventative and corrective maintenance, primary and secondary pole installation and removal, street light repair and maintenance, equipment installation and removal, and primary & secondary wire installation and removal.

Testing, Building, & Refurbishing

From providing custom jumper and ground assemblies to building, testing, and repair services, Divergent Alliance has utilities covered. We understand how to properly build and repair personal protective ground assemblies and our electrical safety equipment testing will ensure that your crews are running efficiently and safely.

The Industry’s Real Power Players.

We've have decades of experience living life on the line. We know what's at stake for the teams in the field and the communities we serve. That's why, whether quickly restoring power after a devastating storm, building robust power infrastructures, or ensuring safety equipment is in peak operating condition, Divergent Alliance is a veteran-owned, IBEW shop that gets the job done right...right now.

Matt Moeller
CEO & President

Matt, with his cross-country experience as a contractor lineman and disciplined United States Air Force veteran, brings a wealth of expertise and integrity to his role as founder of Divergent Alliance in 2017. Recruited by ComEd for his skills as an overhead electrician specialist and his leadership as Chief Steward of the union, he later advanced to lead a team of elite troubleshooters. His comprehensive background from coast to coast underpins his strategic vision for the company's growth.

Robert Pinto
Chief Operating Officer

Bob is a distinguished executive with extensive experience in the electric utility industry, having led a workforce of over 1,700 employees at Exelon. His leadership was marked by significant advancements in safety and efficiency, reflecting his commitment to operational excellence. With a strong educational foundation in both finance and business innovation, Bob’s expertise in guiding large teams stands out, showcasing his capability to drive strategic improvements and forge strong relationships in the industry.

Veteran Owned and Operated.

Divergent Alliance is a proud veteran-owned small business supplying tools and equipment to utility workers and linemen across the country. We are a VBE- and VOSB-certified diverse business

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We only work with the best in the business.

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