Power’s Out? We’re On It.

Divergent Alliances’ Emergency Services Division is renowned for its rapid,  precise response to communities in need.  Our strategically placed locations across the Midwest, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic regions are equipped with over 400 experienced team members ready to roll within 24 hours of getting the call.



Weathering the Storm.

Our experienced team of IBEW linemen and restoration specialists know how to be first on the scene in emergency and storm-ravaged areas, working tirelessly to restore power and bring light back to communities in need. Our whole team's commitment is to safely and swiftly rebuilding electrical infrastructure of the communities affected by sudden, tragic power outages.

As the only storm response and IBEW distributor in the country,

Divergent Alliance will mobilize safer,  faster,  and stronger to keep your community up and running with reliable power.


Our certified veteran-owned, highly experienced team of IBEW linemen and industry experts delivers quick, reliable power restoration.


Our foremost priority is safety, even as we recognize the importance of speed in our operations. We strictly adhere to safety protocols, ensuring the well-being of our team, the public, and the environment is never compromised in our emergency response efforts.


Our logistics and planning team is ready 24/7 to help our fleet get to the storm site to restore power and communications. We also collaborate closely with regional contractors, combining resources and expertise for a highly coordinated and effective emergency response. This collaborative approach ensures efficient, safe, and high-quality restoration services, delivered promptly and precisely where needed.

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