Meet Matt Moeller, the CEO & President of Divergent Alliance and John Masterson, the Vice President of Divergent Alliance

About Divergent Alliance 

Divergent Alliance is a Veteran Business Enterprise that provides tools and safety equipment to the utility industry. We strive to meet our customer’s desired lead times. We are a high value provider that has partnered with many manufacturers and distributors to be able to offer single sourcing solutions, while helping satisfy diverse needs.

Matt Moeller  
CEO & President

Matt is a veteran of the United States Air Force. Starting as an entry level ground-man, Matt continued to progress in the industry by achieving his journeyman lineman certificate, building powerlines across the country. He was recruited by Commonwealth Edison as an “Overhead Electrician Specialist”, and promoted as upgrade first line supervisor (FLS) and chief steward of IBEW Local 15. Much of his time was dedicated to improving safety of his fellow colleagues. Matt has a deep heart for sharing his knowledge and passion of the industry to help people around him succeed. Matt is responsible for Divergent Alliances day to day operations.

John Masterson  
Vice President

John started his career at the distribution control center dispatching crews and troubleshooting power outages before he progressed to a Senior Operator focused on system reconfiguration and smart grid operations. After spending time as an Operator, John transitioned over to distribution training where he focused on new hire dispatchers and smart grid operations for advanced levels. During John’s time at the Control Center, he pursued a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago which allowed him to make a career move to Exelon’s Business Continuity and Crisis Management Team where he focused on operational, reputational, financial, and regulatory risks for the Fortune 100 company. John is responsible for the process improvements and scalability of Divergent Alliance’s day to day operations.

Brandon Metz  
Director of Operations

Brandon started his career in the electric utility industry on the distribution and service providing side of the field. After mastering the operational flow of the business processes Brandon progressed in the industry by becoming an active voting member of ASTM’s F18 committee. The long-standing participation illustrates Brandon’s high level of understanding of the technical aspects within services provided to the electrical utility industry. Brandon is skilled in partnering with both customers and vendors to create mutually beneficial supply and service solutions to meet customers’ supply chain or safety needs.

Mark Moeller
Director of Safety

Retired from Commonwealth Edsion with nearly 36yrs. Starting as an entry level station operator at Waukegan station 16, Mark advanced his career through many positions. Mark found his home in the underground department where he spent 30 more years. Mark carried the role as safety rep and Chief Steward of Local 15 where he also earned his nickname “the librarian” for his tremendous record keeping throughout his career. Promoted to Lead underground crew leader, Mark was responsible for day to day operations of multiple crews, as well as work planning. Mark is responsible for Divergent Alliances safety and training programs.

Michael Haubner
Finance Manager

After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance at Elmhurst College, Michael was a highly sought-after candidate to contribute to the growth of Divergent Alliance. Michael accepted the challenge in March of 2019 and has since used skills to build relationships, improve processes, and forecast financials to place Divergent Alliance on a trajectory of steady growth. We know with Michael in our corner, we will always be on the path for success.

John Martinez 
Business Development

John began working with Divergent Alliance in July 2019. Prior to this, he earned his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice from Western Illinois University. John worked with Kane County (IL) Court Services for 13 years before making the change to DA. He spent his time in Kane County working to assist others, and carried that desire to help to the Divergent Alliance team. John is responsible for managing the accounts on a day to day basis and prides himself on having happy clients.


Team Divergent pioneers progressive strategies with innovation to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Experience is invaluable. Our innovation strives from extensive industry experiences.


Passion drives us to grow our economy and build a successful company in which we are capable of providing equal opportunities as a diverse supplier and helping the selfless men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.


Meet Matt Moeller, the CEO & President of Divergent Alliance and John Masterson, the Vice President of Divergent Alliance

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