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Divergent Alliance is a Veteran-Owned and Operated IBEW

shop with employees and electrical experts who combine over a century of knowledge and hands-on experience with a deep passion for serving communities across our great land.

The Industry’s Real Power Players.

From our crews in the field to our technicians in the warehouse, we all take our jobs seriously. Divergent Alliances’ skilled workforce shares decades of experience, giving us a cutting edge when it comes to supplying quality products, keeping crews safe, and delivering the industy's fastest turnaround times. When you work with Divergent Alliance, you truly get what our name implies: an industry partnership with dedicated professionals who deliver success differently.

Putting our tools to the test.

In just one year, our testing revealed more than 4,000 grounds and jumpers failed ASTM standards. Due to our unique troubleshooting methods, we were able to repair more than 80% of those failures, while reducing costs for our customers by limiting complete replacements. From visual inspections to resistance and current tests, we’ll do everything in our power to meet ASTM guidelines. If something doesn’t make the cut, you can bet we’ll troubleshoot, repair, and log any changes to its components so failures won’t show up again. Our proprietary software provides more than 50 valuable data points for each ground or jumper assembly that comes through our testing facility. This data is tracked using unique serial numbers assigned to each assembly.

Building Custom Jumpers & Ground Assemblies.

Our experienced team can build custom jumper and ground assemblies to ensure linemen remain protected from accidental re-energization. We’ll also provide parts from top manufacturers to build your personal protective ground kit.