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Magnet Work Signs

Work Area Signs

This heavy-duty, reflective magnet features a custom, standout design that alerts workers to where the appropriate work area is located. Avoid dangerous and costly errors that come with working on the wrong vault, cubicle, switchgear or transformer. Learn More






Power Outage Troubleshoot


Average restoration times can be anywhere from 75 minutes to 400 minutes depending on the region and the environment. Our FaultSense system will help you troubleshoot a power outage the moment a first responder arrives to the site. Learn More




Reinforced Lighted Caution Tape

Lighted Caution Tape

At Divergent Alliance, we provide reusable, lighted caution tape that is visible on job sites during the day and at night. This reinforced caution tape is highly durable and weather-resistant and it features high-efficiency LED lights for maximum visibility. Learn More

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