Hard Hat Communication SystemSonetics headsets bring users wireless communication, hearing protection, and listen through technology making these team communication headsets revolutionary. Sonetics headsets enhance speech and communication while suppressing background noise to any level that you need. Sonetics headsets have listen through technology allowing users to control the amount of volume they want to hear from their environment. This allows for worksite safety; users’ hearing is protected but not disconnected. Sonetics headsets are perfect for teams working with their hands because Sonetics headsets create simultaneous two-way communication with no delays, no buttons to press, and no waiting your turn to speak. Talk whenever you want to; interrupt when you need to; warn when you have to. Why Sonetics headsets beat out the rest:

  1. Hearing is protected but not disconnected: Unlike many team communication headsets Sonetics is made for all noise environments loud, moderate, and quiet because listen through technology allows users to increase or decrease the volume, they need to hear in their environment for full situational awareness.
  2. Natural conversation: Team communication headsets often require users to press a button while speaking making it difficult for workers to carry out jobs and use wireless headsets at the same time.
  3. Expand as necessary: Sonetics is completely customizable to your crew’s size.
  4. Flexible equipment: Need to expand the range of the system by 2 miles, no problem. Want to connect your Bluetooth devices and two-way radio, easy.


Wireless team communication headsets for three users





Wireless team communication headsets for ten users





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Team Communication Headsets for Utility Crews

Wireless two-way communication headsetsSonetics wireless headsets make team communication easy by protecting line crews’ hearing, allowing teams to talk hands-free, and connect through two-way radios. Sonetics Hands-free headsets are creating a safer and smarter work environment. Utility crews often work in hazardous conditions making communication extremely important. Whether lineman and their line crews are expanding the nation’s power grid, or restoring critical infrastructure, Sonetics headsets provide line crews with the ability to communicate effortlessly and safely. The breakdown in communication in the utility industry leads to a lack of awareness and the inability to warn team members of a dangerous situation. Open easy communication avoids costly mistakes, decreases distraction, and reduces errors. Sonetics team communication headsets block out loud noises while still allowing you to hear and communicate with your team through the microphone on each headset. What sets these headsets apart from all the others is listen through technology. Listen through technology allows linemen to turn on small microphones on each ear dome to hear the outside noise without taking off the headset. The user can limit how much outside noise they want to hear giving them the ability to stay aware of their environment. A lineman can easily adjust the volume of their headset to protect their ears. This is revolutionary because most earmuffs and earplugs used in the utility industry remove the ability to hear or communicate with your team making a potentially dangerous environment that can lead to mistakes.

Sonetics Headsets for Hard Hats

Sonetics headsets fit perfectly on hard hats making them the best hard hat communication system for utility workers. Sonetics offers a sleek and lightweight design for communication in noisy utility worksite environments. Sonetics headsets are durable and rugged to withstand the harshest environments tailored to the customer’s needs. Uses for utility team communication headsets:

  • Enhance teamwork with hands-free communication.
  • Reduce accidents and incidents with real-time verbal warnings.
  • Train, supervise, and audit lineman apprentices in real-time on the job.
  • Protect hearing while staying in contact.
  • Collaborate at night, in harsh weather, and in poor visibility.
  • Streamline procedures and reduce errors.

Why Line Crew Communication is Important

Utility work is critical for keeping electricity running into our homes, businesses, and cities but it is also a highly dangerous job. Linemen risk falls, burns, electric shock, and many other job site injuries, and these incidents can even be fatal. All effective line crews need to understand the importance of group communication because it is crucial to their success and safety. So, what can linemen do to minimize these risks? To minimize these risks team communication is extremely important for communicating steps and potentially hazardous situations. Staying connected with crews in the field, sharing information in real-time, improved operational efficiencies, safety, and confidence in the team. When line crews fail to communicate effectively, they lose confidence in team members, waste time, and can lead to potentially harmful situations. Sonetics headsets are crucial for healthy line crews to operate effectively, safely, and efficiently.

Tips for getting your line crew to adopt Sonetics Headsets

1.Equip the team: Provide your team with the equipment so everyone can use it and understand the benefits.

2.Sell the system: Show your team the benefits of the technology, how it works, and why they should use the headsets. By showing them the benefits of making jobs run smoothly and safely, it builds the trust of teams and will make adoption of the system faster. Getting your team to buy-in is crucial for line crews to wear the equipment on a daily basis.

3.Set expectations: Setting expectations for using the Sonetics headsets makes for crews to realize the importance of the system.

4.Safety Steve: Delegate one person to fully understand the system and the benefits. Let Safety Steve be the go-to guy for supervising and training anyone who needs help with the system.

5.Commitment: adopting a new system does not happen overnight. Having to learn a new system can be hard for some but setting a goal to implementation puts a deadline on when users need to have mastered the new technology. Everyone learns at a different speed but setting a timeline ensures linemen will adopt the new technology.

Sonetics Headsets from Divergent Alliance

Wireless two-way communication headsets

Interested in keeping your line crews safe?! Contact us about Sonetics headsets and how they can help your line crew communicate smarter, safer, and more efficiently. Linemen in the utility industry have a long list of lineman safety gear that is required to be worn while working to ensure their safety, headsets are another safety precaution that is just as important as a lineman hot stick, grounds and jumpers, and fall protection. Contact Divergent Alliance at (847) 531-0559 about adding Sonetics headsets to your list of safety gear so your team can communicate safely and hands-free. We can supply individual headsets or team sets for your whole line crew. Discover Sonetics wireless team communication headsets. Wireless headsets that protect hearing, allow line crews to talk hands-free, and work with your two-way radios.

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