Linemen are the unsung heroes of disaster response. When disaster strikes, utility contractors need to be ready to respond as quickly as they can. Utility contractors struggle to stock their bucket trucks in time to still make it out to the affected areas after a disaster. At Divergent Alliance we have the best lead times to stock your line truck fast! Does your bucket truck need tools? Let us stock your bucket truck customized to your exact needs give and us a call at 847-531-0559 or fill out a contact form to learn more.

Disaster Response 

Utility linemen come from all over the United States to respond after storms and natural disasters damage the power grid. Typically, when people think of first responders’ electrical linemen aren’t usually the first people that come to mind. Although, many first responders depend on linemen to respond quickly to restore power in local hospitals, fire stations, and police stations. When disaster strikes, utility trucks filled with linemen, equipment, and supplies travel from across the country to restore electricity to hundreds of thousands of residents without power. Crews work overtime until the job is finished making disaster response highly rewarding but also very taxing. The hard work of a storm chasing lineman is one of the most important components for disaster response. Linemen are the unsung heroes of emergency disaster response. #thankalineman

Since disaster response typically happens very quickly, utility contractors across the United States find themselves in a jam when they need to scale their workforce quickly in response to a large storm. When expanding their workforce, utility contractors struggle to find quality linemen. It becomes increasingly difficult if there are no linemen on the books or waiting to be pulled from local union halls. The bigger challenge when expanding your workforce for storm response is finding tools, equipment, or materials to stock a line truck fast enough to still be able to respond to a disaster. With long lead times from vendors, it becomes very difficult for utility contractors to scale their bucket trucks promptly.

Bucket Truck Tool Stocking 

How does stocking your line truck work? Some utility contractors have a well-documented list of lineman tools that are standard across each boom truck in their fleet while other line contractors have not needed a bucket truck tool stocking list in the past. Either situation is not a problem and we can customize any bucket truck to your exact needs.

Divergent Alliance has the knowledge and experience necessary to work with your company to stock your boom trucks and help you respond to storms efficiently. We have worked with utility companies all over the United States to build standard lists to stock your bucket trucks. We even offer stock lists specific to your region and the type of linework that needs to be done in your region. For example, a truck in a region that performs glovework is going to be stocked slightly differently than a truck in a region performing all work from hot sticks.

If you prefer not to use a standard truck list that has been created by Divergent Alliance, our team will work with your executives, purchasers, general foremen, and linemen to make sure that each truck is well equipped for the job and region where your work is taking place.

Another challenge that disaster response presents is needing to stock your boom trucks quickly. When you are trying the respond to a storm that is forecasted to hit in a week, it’s useless to receive your lineman tools in 3 or 4 weeks. Divergent Alliance has strategically built relationships all over the country to source everything for your needs as fast as a few days. If there are items that are heavily requested and have longer lead times, we have the knowledge and expertise to get equivalent items that still meet the specifications and standards of the jobs you will be performing.

When ordering lineman tools, equipment, and materials for multiple trucks at a time, it can be a nightmare for a utility contractor to sort through everything once it’s received and figure out how many of each item goes to which boom truck. Divergent Alliance goes the extra mile and organizes all your lineman tools, equipment, and materials into bins designated for each truck that needs to be tooled up. The only thing left for you is to grab everything from bin 1 and place it on truck 1, grab everything from bin 2 and place it on truck 2, and so on. There is nothing more painful than your workforce wasting hours separating items and figuring out which trucks they need to go in.

3 Steps 

We send you a truck list

Choose what you want

We supply the material

Bucket Truck Tool Stocking by Divergent Alliance

Divergent Alliance will make sure you have the right tools for the right line trucks and will help you meet the requirements for the region you are working in. If you need to stock your bucket trucks in a hurry, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 847-531-0559.