Lineman Gift Guide 2021

Lineman Gift Guide 2021 Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner?! Lucky for you we made a gift guide for your favorite lineman this holiday season. Linemen have dangerous jobs, work long hours in severe weather conditions to keep the lights on for communities. To thank them for their hard work linemen’s… Continue reading Lineman Gift Guide 2021

What Are Lineman Hot Line Tools?

The job of a lineman is a hazardous job as linemen work on high voltage equipment every day.  While there are instances when the electrical equipment linemen work on is de-energized, there are many cases in which they perform live-line work and maintenance, also known as hotline work.  Live-line maintenance is done to avoid turning… Continue reading What Are Lineman Hot Line Tools?

Why You Should Thank a Lineman

1. Lineworkers developed America The lineworker profession dates back to 1840 with the invention of the telegraph. To increase long-distance communication, lines were originally installed on trees and later poles were built. In 1870, linemen built poles for lines with the invention of the telephone. In 1891 The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers formed. The… Continue reading Why You Should Thank a Lineman

What are the Main Tools that Linemen Need?

The work done by a lineman is essential to ensure that homes and businesses have electricity. They are tasked with working on transmission and distribution lines both above and below ground, and they need a wide variety of tools and equipment to get the job done.