The work done by a lineman is essential to ensure that homes and businesses have electricity.  They are tasked with working on transmission and distribution lines both above and below ground, and they need a wide variety of tools and equipment to get the job done.  The tools used by a lineman should not only be practical for the job, but also built to protect the safety of the lineman.  Linemen work on electrical cables and powerlines with powerful electric currents, making it important for them to be protected from electric shock and accidents.

In this guide, we will cover the main lineman supplies including tools and safety equipment that are needed for them to do their jobs safely and effectively.  As a supplier of lineman safety equipment and tools, Divergent Alliance understands the needs of linemen and we work with the top manufacturers of the industry to supply linemen in the Chicago area.

Personal Protective Grounds

Personal protective grounds are very important for linemen to protect themselves from electrical shock.  De-energizing the electrical circuit before beginning work is always the first step, but de-energized circuits may become re-energized in a number of ways.  Stored electrical charges and equipment malfunctions can re-energize the circuit, as well as contact with an adjacent energized circuit.  Personal protective grounds keep linemen protected from electric shocks by ensuring any electrical current is redirected safely to the ground.

It is important for personal protective grounds to safely handle the highest phase to phase and phase to ground fault current of the electrical circuit for the amount of time it takes for the current to reach the grounding.  Personal protective grounds consist of several parts that connect to the wires or cable and run the current into the grounding.

Personal Protective GroundsThe following are the basic parts for needed grounding cable building:

  • Clamps: The clamps are attached to the wires and grounding. It is important to use the right clamps that can handle the conductors on the electrical circuit.
  • Cluster or four-way connector: Clusters, or four-way connectors, are used to converge up to 3 incoming cables with one outgoing cable. These parts must be the appropriate ASTM grade for your application.
  • Ferrule: The ferrule helps attach the cable to the clamps for a strong, permanent connection.
  • Cable: The cables used must be the right conductor size and able to handle the strength of the current.

Proper building and testing of the personal protective grounds are crucial for protecting the safety of linemen.  At Divergent Alliance, we provide jumper and grounding cable building, testing, and repair to ensure that your personal protective grounds are built properly to protect you from electric shock.

Insulated Tools

A typical lineman should have a number of hand tools including hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, sockets, ratchets, crimping tools, wire stripping tools, skinning knives, bolt cutters, and more.  Having a wide range of hand tools will help ensure that the lineman is prepared to handle just about any task for the job.

Linemen must always use insulated tools to help protect from an electric shock.  Many of these hand tools are made of metal and there is a risk of an electric shock if the tools are not properly insulated.  Lineman tools are generally insulated with layers of plastic, rubber, nylon, or vinyl with dielectric properties that protect the hands from an electric shock.  All insulated tools should be tested dielectrically at 10,000 volts AC and comply with NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements.

Insulated Tools Upd-minAt Divergent Alliance, we supply linemen with insulated tools from the top manufacturers of the industry including Salisbury, Jameson, MADI Tools, Huskie Tools and Greenlee Tools.  Jameson ITL Tools we offer:

  • Are tested at 10,000 volts AC and rated for 1,000 volts AC maximum exposure
  • Exceed International Standards: IEC 60900:2012 and ASTM F1505
  • Have Engineered Nylon 11 injection molded to tool for maximum personal protection
  • Meet stringent requirements for CAT “C” – cold impact rating
  • Withstand temperatures from – 40°F to 158°F
  • Feature industry-leading lifetime limited warranty

Lineman Safety Equipment

The work of a lineman is inherently dangerous which is why they must worry about safety at every level, including protective grounding, insulated tools, and safety apparel.  Every tool and piece of equipment that a lineman uses should protect them from electric shocks and help ensure their safety as they climb utility poles to work on powerlines and circuits.

Divergent Alliance supplies linemen with the necessary safety equipment to stay safe on the job.  We offer wearable lineman safety equipment from top manufacturers including Salisbury.  We can supply linemen with the following safety gear:

  • Hard hats: Hard hats are an important piece of safety equipment that should be used at all times. The outer shell of most hard hats is lightweight but durable to protect the head from falling debris and a blow from a fall.  Linemen can also use face shields that attach to the hard hats for flash protection.
  • Insulated gloves and sleeves: Insulated rubber gloves are important for protecting against electric shock. There are rubber gloves available that are made to protect against various levels of voltage.  Gloves made out of tough leather are typically used over the rubber gloves to protect the rubber from damage.  Rubber insulated sleeves can also be used to protect workers in case they accidentally brush against a live wire.
  • Boots: Dielectric rubber boots and overshoes must be worn to help protect from electric shock when climbing metal poles. Boots are available that provide various levels of protection.
  • Climbing belt: When climbing utility poles, it is important for linemen to use climbing belts and harnesses to prevent falls. Quality belts, harnesses, and straps should be used that can effectively support the weight of the workers.

Lineman Supplies from Divergent Alliance

The job of a lineman is tough and potentially dangerous, but the right tools and equipment can help make these jobs easier and much safer.  Everything a lineman uses, from hand tools to the wearable safety equipment, must be insulated to protect from electric shocks.  It is also important for linemen to understand how to build and test personal protective grounds to protect them from the current of the electrical circuit being worked on.

At Divergent Alliance, we can help supply linemen in the Chicago area with the tools and safety equipment they need to do their job safely and effectively.  We offer a wide range of insulated tools, power tools, grounding equipment, and safety gear from the best manufacturers in the industry.  We are also a veteran owned small business which makes us a diverse supplier.

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