At Divergent Alliance, we take pride in providing linemen and utility workers with the best tools and equipment to make their jobs safer and easier.  In order to ensure that we are always providing the best quality tools, we only offer lineman tools and equipment from the top manufacturers.  One of these manufacturers is Klein Tools.

Klein Tools is a manufacturer that has been making quality tools in the U.S. since 1857.  They are the only major tool manufacturer in the world that makes tools for electrical and utility applications, making them a favorite among electricians especially.  Their wide range of products includes lineman pliers, cutters, and other tools; battery operated tools; and tool sets to handle various types of projects.

Divergent Alliance supplies linemen and utility workers in the Chicago, IL area with high-quality, American-made tools from Klein Tools.  If you are interested in Klein Tools for your business, contact us at (847) 531-0559 for more information about our bulk pricing options for Klein Tools.

History of Klein Tools: Providing Quality Tools Since 1857

The founder of Klein Tools, Mathias Klein, emigrated from Germany to Chicago in 1857 and set up his first forge shop in a downtown business district.  The first tool he ever made was made in two parts.  A lineman came to his shop with a pair of side-cutting pliers with half of the tool broken.  Klein forged a new half for the tool in his shop and riveted it to the original half.  The same lineman came back shortly after because the other original half of his pliers broke, so Klein once again forged a new half, creating the first compete pair of Klein lineman pliers.

Klein’s business began expanding in the 1860s as the demand for dependable hand tools skyrocketed with the invention and use of the telephone, new industries created by the use of electric power, and the expansion of the railroads.  By the turn of the Twentieth century, Klein had more than 100 types of pliers available to supply professionals working in a wide range of industries.

Throughout the Twentieth century, Klein Tools acquired other manufacturers to expand even further, including R.H. Burke Company that manufactured occupational protective equipment, William Warne Co. that manufactured leather pouches, and Vaco Products Company that manufactured screwdrivers, nut drivers, and hex-key wrenches.  They also expanded into Mexico, Brazil, and Australia through acquisitions, subsidiaries, and sister companies.

Since 2000, Klein Tools has continued to expand as a company and open new facilities throughout the U.S.  They are now the #1 preferred hand tool manufacturer in the electrical industry, and they make high quality tools and equipment for linemen and workers in the maintenance, construction, and industrial trades.

Klein Tools Today: Still a Family Business

Klein Tools has become a multi-million dollar manufacturer and is still operated by the fifth and sixth generations of Mathias Klein’s family.  They continue to uphold the standard set by their founder of providing the best tools available that meet and exceed expectations.  Their tools are still among the most dependable, efficient, and durable tools available and they are sold to professional tradesmen through distributors such as Divergent Alliance.

Klein Tools Manufactured in the U.S.A.

As a veteran owned business, Divergent Alliance is proud to work with a manufacturer that makes all of their tools and equipment in the U.S.  Their mission is to continue to be a leader in the design, development, and production of high-quality tools to meet the needs of tradesmen.

Industries Served

Klein Tools has more than 3,000 hand tools available to suit the needs of workers in electrical and telecommunications, electronics, construction, aviation, mining, and other industries.  Their quality pliers and hand tools are what established Klein Tools as an industry leader and they have also expanded to provide tool sets, quality tool bags, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

The tools from Klein Tools are manufactured with superior workmanship and made from the highest quality materials available.  They are the leading manufacturer of hand tools for the electrical and communications field and make more products for these fields than any other manufacturer.  Linemen, electricians, and utility workers can depend on Klein Tools to handle any job with superior performance, durability, and precision.

Klein Tools Products from Divergent Alliance

Divergent Alliance offers competitive bulk pricing for hand tools, insulated tools, tool sets, and equipment from Klein Tools.  The following are among the high-quality Klein Tools products that we provide:

Klein Lineman Tools

Klein offers a wide range of hand tools for linemen including insulated hand tools, cutters, lineman pliers, and knives.  Their insulated hand tools help keep linemen safe as they are resistant to shocks, impacts, and flames.  These tools are available as tool sets and individually.

Klein Lineman Pliers

The first completed Klein tool was a set of lineman pliers and Klein Tools continues to make the most dependable and durable pliers in the world to handle a wide range of jobs.  Their selection of pliers includes electronics pliers, side cutting lineman pliers, needle nose pliers, insulated pliers, slip joint pliers, and diagonal cutting pliers among others.

Klein Cutters

Klein Tools manufactures many different cutting tools including lineman knives and scissors as well as cable cutters and bolt cutters.  All of their cutting tools are highly durable and built with superior materials to provide clean and precise cuts.  They have a cutting tool available to suit just about any task.

Klein Cable Grips

The cable grips manufactured by Klein Tools are made from custom drop-forged steel and they are each hand inspected and tested to ensure it is reliable for its rated load.  They offer a variety of cable grips for high strength cable and situations that call for a light, compact grip.

Klein Battery Operated Tools

Klein Tools offers a range of battery-operated tools including impact wrenches, utility bucket lights, crimpers, and more.  These tools can handle a lot as they have 7-ton and 12-ton crimpers available as well as a powerful impact wrench kit capable of applying 500 foot-pounds of max torque.  Every battery-operated tool and light from Klein comes with batteries and a charger.

Klein Tool Sets

The toolkits from Klein Tools consist of their high-quality hand tools in sets for specific tasks.  Their tool sets available include basic sets, electrician sets, and specialty toolkits for cable installation.  The size of their toolkits ranges from 2-piece to 48-piece sets.

Klein Tool Bags

The tool bags from Klein Tools are built tough to keep your tools safe in harsh working conditions.  They manufacture tool bags of different sizes made from a variety of materials including leather, canvas, polyester, nylon, vinyl, and more.

Get Quality Klein Tools from Divergent Alliance

Klein Tools Divergent Alliance

For more than 160 years, Klein Tools has been manufacturing the best quality hand tools for the electrical and telecommunications, construction, and mining industries right here in the U.S.  at Divergent Alliance, we are proud to offer these high-quality American-made tools to linemen and tradesmen including utility workers plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, and any professional that needs dependable tools.

Contact Divergent Alliance if you are interested in a wholesale or bulk purchase of Klein Tools.  Give us a call at (847) 531-0559 or request a quote at to speak to one of our experienced sales representatives.