Outdoor jobsites, whether involving construction work or utility maintenance, are often hazardous.  Workers block these areas off to prevent the public from walking into an unsafe area of a work zone.  No matter what is used as a barrier, it is important for these barriers to be highly visible to protect the safety of the public and workers.

At Divergent Alliance, we have a new, innovative work zone safety product, the lighted traffic cone bar.  Traffic cones are commonly used to block off work zones, but they are not the most visible barriers, especially at night.  Our lighted cone bars can be placed on top of traffic cones to create a physical barrier between the cones, and they light up for better visibility at night.

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Improving Work Zone Safety

Our lighted traffic cone bars were created to help improve the visibility of barriers around work zones to better protect the public and workers.  These bars are designed with rugged 3.25” loops on either end that fit over the top of traffic cones or delineator tubes, and they run between the cones to provide a physical barrier.  If people are walking near a work zone and they are distracted by their phones, they will run into the bars and notice the barriers before they put themselves in harm’s way.

Another way these lighted bars improve work zone safety is by lighting up.  It is important to keep work zones protected at night, even if no workers are present, and barriers like traffic cones and caution tape are difficult to see.  Our new lighted traffic cone bars use high efficiency LED lights to light up at night for maximum visibility, any time of day.

Our lighted traffic cone bars are ideal for the following work zones

  • Construction sites
  • Manholes
  • Utility poles

Lighted Traffic Cone Bar Features

Our lighted traffic cone bars are made from heavy-duty, commercial grade materials that make them highly durable and weather resistant.  The loops on either end of the bars fit easily over any traffic cones and delineator tubes to quickly and easily form a physical barrier around hazardous work zones.  Each bar is 6 feet in length, but you can connect them to make them 12 feet long.

These bars provide maximum visibility any time of day with orange and white reflective stripes and LED lights that are powered by a battery pack.  The battery pack for these bars runs on three AA batteries and includes a photocell that automatically turns the LED lights on at night.  When using the photocell setting, the batteries can last between 45 and 60 days without needing to be replaced.

The features of our lighted cone bars include:

  • Life-long durability and high performance
  • High visibility – flashing LED lights and reflective orange and white stripes
  • Sealed battery case and switch with Off/ On/ On with Photocell settings
  • High efficiency LED lights
  • Waterproof connections
  • Rugged 3.25” loops that fit over any traffic cone or delineator tube
  • Carrying case that makes them easy to store and transport
  • 6-foot bars can be connected to make 12-foot barrier
  • Available individually or as an 8 pack with storage case

Contact Divergent Alliance

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