National Lineman Appreciation Day

April 18th is National Lineman Appreciation Day. Lineman Appreciation Day is a time to recognize and celebrate linemen and linewomen in the industry. Linework can be dated back to over 100 years ago with over 120,000 lineworkers in the US alone, these incredible workers deserve a day of praise.

Linework is an extremely important job to our communities and everyday life as we know it. Linemen and linewomen are responsible for managing power for an estimated 155,000,000 electrical customers across the country. As consumers, we rely on electricity every hour of the day to conduct our business as usual. Linemen keep the lights on day or night, through severe storms, and travel for long periods of time repairing communities after natural disasters. Linemen and linewomen deserve a huge thank you for allowing our communities to operate as they do.

While every trade professional and essential worker deserves appreciation and praise, lineworkers especially deserve thanks for putting their lives at risk every day on the job site. According to an article by T&D World utility work is in the top 10 of the most dangerous jobs in America. Around 30 to 50 workers in every 100,000 are killed while working every year. Many others suffered a non-fatal loss of limbs from electrical burns and mechanical trauma. That is more than twice the fatality rate of firemen and police officers.

History of Lineman Appreciation Day

In 2012 Hurricane Sandy left 24 states across the US affected with 65 billion dollars of damage linemen across the country came together to rebuild the countries power system after the devastating storm. In honor of all the lineworkers congress passed the 113th bill creating National Lineman Appreciation Day to celebrate incredible heroes of our society. Lineman Appreciation Day continues to be celebrated every year since.

Thank A Lineman

On April 18th Lineman Appreciation Day make sure you reach out to the linemen/women you know and thank them for all the hard work they do for our communities and country. You can also show your support by posting on social media using the hashtags #ThankALineman and #NationalLinemanAppreciationDay. Learn more about Why You Should Thank A Lineman. 

Divergent Alliance appreciates everything linemen do to power our communities. To show our appreciation for the incredible individuals in the industry we created a series called Hard Hat Hero. Every month Divergent Alliance nominates a hard hat hero to showcase the amazing achievements of men and women in the industry! Linework is not an easy job and we are always amazed by our hard hat heroes’ stories and passion for their line of work. Want to read some incredible lineman/linewomen stories check out our Hard Hat Hero series!

Do you know someone who deserves to be our next Hard Hat Hero? Nominate them now.

When is Lineman Appreciation Day

Year Day
2021 Sunday, April 18th
2022 Monday, April 18th
2023 Tuesday, April 18th
2024 Thursday, April 18th